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Karin has been practising yoga passionately for many years and teaches hatha yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, India yoga, virtues yoga and yoga for children, adolescents and older people. She travels to India  regularly to study close to the roots. She studied i. a. at Tulasidalam Ashram with Sindhuma ( Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy) and with Patty Jongemaets (Virtues yoga, kids yoga).  

Belly dance

Lady Moonlight (Karin van der Knoop) is a specialist in traditional Egyptian dance styles. She is an inspired teacher with her own method, which she has developed over many years of experience. This method leads to the development of a good technique, the ability to react adequately to music, self-assurance, a strong presence, gracefulness, a command of different styles, a personal style, creativity in improvisation and choreography, and good dance posture. She teaches beginners and professionals and all levels in between; her classes are for children, adolescents, adults and older people.

She explores the smallest details of dance traditions, such as the elegant dance from the Egyptian black-and-white films of the forties and fifties, or ghawazee (Egyptian gypsy dance), which she was taught by Karam Maazin from Luxor. As a dance pioneer she is also an inexhaustible source of ideas. She has created her own language of dance and her own style of dance: core dance, based on nature, yoga and Egyptian dance. 

She organises parties in the atmospheric theatre café 'het Syndicaat', and dance holidays to Egypt. 


For many years she has immersed herself in different branches of oriental dance, western dance and yoga, for which purpose she regularly travels to Egypt, Turkey and India. In addition she paints and she has studied classical composition at the conservatory. This has given her dancing a strong, visual, and deeply felt, conscious musical strength.
Additionally: year course teacher world dance
year course choreography world dance
Romany dance training with Elsa and Gusztáv Balázs 
Training as a yoga teacher with Sinduma in the Tulasidalam Ashram (Kerala, India)
Training as a a virtues yoga teacher and a yoga teacher for children, teenagers and adolescents with Patty Jongemaets, Dolfijnwellness  

Quote from Farouq (Peter Verzijl)

About Lady Moonlight

Lady Moonlight's way of teaching is visual and narrative. In her classes and workshops she leads her students into her own playful way of thinking and her fantasy world.

The strange thing is that if you project yourself into this world and surrender to it, something special is generated in you as a student. As a consequence your own creativity is stimulated enormously, doors are opened to you and new vistas of dance open up before your eyes. This playfulness is not merely childlike playfulness, but also an adult and mature playfulness, which still always leaves the door open to your inner child, the child that wants to create, imagine and dream. Lady Moonlight's way of teaching is very free, without losing sight of the purity of the dance or the veracity of the performer. Her way of teaching is safe, not just because of her enthusiastic, friendly and inviting way of teaching, but also because she discerns and emphasises specific talents and strong points in every student. Her perspective on dance is original, and though she has a light touch, very profound. She manages to draw the ineffable soul of dance as no other.

Hobbies Nature,wandering, walking, hiking, travelling