Creyoga                       Glowfulness


If  you prefer classes at other times/ in other styles will you please let us now?  For a minimum of 6 people we will schedule a new class.

Ooievaars pass holders 50 % reduction with a maximum of € 160 per year

 Private classes, Acaciastraat 142, or at your home

 € 60 per 1,5 hour

Sint Albaanskerk (gathering room),                                             Rietzangerlaan 2a, 2566SV, The  Hague


9.30-11.00 Hatha yoga  

11.15-12.30 Hatha yoga  

An afternoon or evening class is in planning.

1,5 hour: average € 44 per month (we count the given classes per month) 

Terms of payment: the first 2 classes may be payed one by one  (€ 11 a class). After that follows payment per month. term of notice is 2 weeks.  Per month we will let you know the amount of classes that month, so there is a difference of costs in different months (f.e. 3 x € 33, € x 44, 5 x € 55). When you are on holiday in periods that the classes continue, you continue the payment only 2 weeks of that holiday (only when you announce that in advance not by retroactivity). In case of illness for a longer period, you continue the payment only 2 weeks (only when you announce that in advance not by retroactivity. 

Koorenhuis Prinsegracht 27, The Hague


10.00-11.25 Egyptian dance/ belly dance  advanced, 12 x, start 10-3-18, € 132 ( 10/3, 17/3, 24/3, 7/4, 14/4, 21/4, 28/4, 26/5, 2/6, 9/6, 23/6 and 30/6

11.30-13.15 Egyptian dance/ belly dance  advanced, 8 x, start 10-3-18, € 90,  (10/3, 17/3, 7/4, 14/4, 26/5, 9/6, 23/6 and 30/6). 

12.30-16.30 First and third year training Tarab in Egyptian dance

Sunday: 11.00-15.00 Second year training Tarab in Egyptian dance

 You can catch up missed classes in another course, within the period of your course of registration. To catch up a class or workshop in another workshop, or catching a regular class up in the Tarabtraining is not possible. You can change a workshop in another workshop up to one week before the workshop date.