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Applied kinesiology

Applied kinesiology will help you to access your natural potential of energy, health, intelligence, joy and inner peace. It is not a diagnostic method or a form of healing; for these purposes you should at all times consult a physician. However, it can be used to give strong support to the self-healing capacity of the body. Applied kinesiology helps you to let go of stressful occurrences. This increases the flow of energy and allows your own natural powers of recuperation to do their job.

We discover blockages and their causes through muscle tests. The fundamental idea is that stressful occurrences (physical, emotional or mental) cause chemical reactions in the body and muscle weakness. A weak muscle often leads to cramp and pain in another muscle, because it will be compensating for the weak muscle. The cause of muscle weakness could be an emotion, a notion, an allergy, a nutritional deficiency or the wrong movement. Moving correctly will strengthen the muscle. We test the muscle's strength by exerting a light pressure on the muscle while it is in a relaxed middle position. This is a position in which a strong muscle could normally easily resist this pressure. By responding weakly or strongly your own body will tell you what the cause is and what the positive counterpart could be. We use muscle tests, visualisation, energy work, exercises, the touching of acupressure points, stroking the meridians, and becoming aware of causal emotions and transforming them into positive counterparts. Additionally, if applicable, we use several techniques to optimise the cooperation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

 € 70 for a session of approximately 2 hours.